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New York-Landlord and Tenant-All

(also see - Summary Proceedings)

Select from the following Forms:

101 *Condominium unit lease, plain English, 4 pps. Prepared by Arnold Mandell
102 Condominium unit lease, comprehensive, 11 pp. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Tremain
114 *Lease, any purpose, large space, plain English, 4 pps.
119 3 day notice to tenant, non-payment, Eng/Span, public assitance statement
1408 Warrant, non-payment, blank district court
172 *Lease, any purpose, plain English, 4 pps.
185 *Store lease, Gilsey form, 4 pps.
186 *Apartment lease, 2-5 units, plain English, 4 pps.
193 *Sub-lease for any primary lease, plain English, 4 pps.
195 Extension of lease, plain English
197Extension of lease, commercial space
202 Lease from month to month
204 Landlords notice to enter premises
215 *Surrender of lease, plain English
223 *Applicaton to sublease apartment, RPL 26-B
226 *Store lease, comprehensive
261 *Apartment lease, 2-5 unit, furn/unfurn, brokerage cl., guaranty, large space, plain English, 4 pps.
281 *Assignment of lease, statutory form, large space, 4 pps.
303 *Apartment lease, furn/unfurn, plain English, 4 pps.
307 30 day notice, terminate monthly/month to month tenancy
308 Ten day notice to quit where no landlord/tenant relationship exists, RPAPL §713, 2 pps.
3112 *Inventory of furniture, furnishings and personal property
3120NYHouse lease with option to buy, plain English, furnished or unfurnished, 5-11
313 *Seasonal/vacation lease, house/apartment, furnished, plain English, 2pps.
3141 Lead paint disclosure, lease of residence, 24 CFR Part 35, 40 CFR Part 745
3210 Office license agreement
327 *Apartment lease, stabilized/controlled, plain English, 2 pps.
330 *Renewal lease form, DHCR RTP-8, Sec. 2523.5(a) RSC for use in New York City
330CTY *Renewal lease form, DHCR RTP-8 EPTA, Nassau, Rockland & Westchester
35 *Store, loft, office lease, comprehensive, guaranty, 4 pps.
36 Limited guaranty of lease, “good guy” form
48 *Apartment lease, balanced moderate coverage, plain English, 2 pps.
483 *Assignment of rent
495 *House lease, furn/unfurn, moderate coverage, plain English, 4 pps.
53 *Apartment lease, stabilized/controlled, furn/unfurn, guaranty, acknowledgments, large type, extra s
54 *House lease, furn/unfurn, brokerage clause, guaranty, acknowledgments, Plain English, 4 pps.
55 *Apartment lease, comprehensive, guaranty, acknowledgments, plain English, 4pps.
56 Lease for a rent stabilized apartment, 12 pp., with lease riders, 29 pp. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman
57 Lease for an unregulated apartment, 13 pp., with lease riders, 23 pp. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman
58 Apartment house rules. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman
586 *Assignment of lease with assumption
61 Collected residential lease riders for regulated and unregulated leases in NYC
65 Apartment house laundry services LICENSE, prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Tremain, 4 pps.
66 Apartment house laundry services LEASE, prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Tremain, 4 pps.
67*Application to lease, tenant screening report disclosure, NYC Admin. Code §20–807-11
71 Lease application, plain English
86Sublease of a cooperative apartment, 13 pp., prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey, Leonard H. Ritz and Dov Treimen
880 *Business premises, guaranty, assignment, acceptance of assignment, 4 pps.

* Denotes a legal size form (8 1/2" X 14")

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