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New York-Landlord and Tenant-All

(also see - Summary Proceedings)

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101 Condominium unit lease, plain English, 8 pps. Prepared by Arnold Mandell
102 Condominium unit lease, comprehensive, 11 pp. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Tremain
103Comprehensive, modern office lease and guaranty, prepared by Arnold Mandell, Esq., 27 pp.
114 *Lease, any purpose, large space, plain English, 4 pps.
119 3 day notice to tenant, non-payment, Eng/Span, public assitance statement
1408 Warrant, non-payment, blank district court
172 *Lease, any purpose, plain English, 4 pps.
185 *Store lease, Gilsey form, 4 pps.
186 *Apartment lease, 2-5 units, plain English, 4 pps.
193 *Sub-lease for any primary lease, plain English, 4 pps.
195 Extension of lease, plain English
197Extension of lease, commercial space
202 Lease from month to month
204 Landlords notice to enter premises
215 *Surrender of lease, plain English
223 *Applicaton to sublease apartment, RPL 26-B
226 *Store lease, comprehensive
256*Lease, office or loft, 4 pp.
261 *Apartment lease, 2-5 unit, furn/unfurn, brokerage cl., guaranty, large space, plain English, 4 pps.
281 *Assignment of lease, statutory form, large space, 4 pps.
303 *Apartment lease, furn/unfurn, plain English, 4 pps.
307 30 day notice, terminate monthly/month to month tenancy
308 Ten day notice to quit where no landlord/tenant relationship exists, RPAPL 713, 2 pps.
3112 *Inventory of furniture, furnishings and personal property
3120NYHouse lease with option to buy, plain English, furnished or unfurnished, 5-11
313 *Seasonal/vacation lease, house/apartment, furnished, plain English, 2pps.
3141 Lead paint disclosure, lease of residence, 24 CFR Part 35, 40 CFR Part 745
315*Weekly vacation residence lease, plain English, furnished, 2 pp.
3210 Office license agreement
3214Roommate agreement, 2 pp.
327 *Apartment lease, stabilized/controlled, plain English, 2 pps.
329Sprinkler statement residential lease rider, long form, 1 p.
330 *Renewal lease form, DHCR RTP-8, Sec. 2523.5(a) RSC for use in New York City
330CTY *Renewal lease form, DHCR RTP-8 EPTA, Nassau, Rockland & Westchester
35 *Store, loft, office lease, comprehensive, guaranty, 4 pps.
36 Limited guaranty of lease, "good guy" form, prepared by Arnold Mandell, 3 pp.
405Standard franchise lease rider between, landlord, tenant franchisee and franchisor, 3 pp.
48 *Apartment lease, balanced moderate coverage, plain English, 2 pps.
483 *Assignment of rent
495 *House lease, furn/unfurn, moderate coverage, plain English, 4 pps.
53 *Apartment lease, stabilized/controlled, furn/unfurn, guaranty, acknowledgments, large type, extra s
54 *House lease, furn/unfurn, brokerage clause, guaranty, acknowledgments, Plain English, 4 pps.
55 *Apartment lease, comprehensive, guaranty, acknowledgments, plain English, 4pps.
56 Lease for a rent stabilized apartment, 12 pp., with lease riders, 29 pp. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman
57 Lease for an unregulated apartment, 13 pp., with lease riders, 23 pp. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman
58 Apartment house rules. Prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman
586 *Assignment of lease with assumption
61 Collected residential lease riders for regulated and unregulated leases in NYC, Includes DHCR Rent Stabilization Rider (Blumberg Form 326)
65 Apartment house laundry services LICENSE, prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Tremain, 4 pps.
66 Apartment house laundry services LEASE, prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Tremain, 4 pps.
67*Application to lease, tenant screening report disclosure, NYC Admin. Code 20807-11
71 Lease application, plain English
86Sublease of a cooperative apartment, 13 pp., prepared by Adam Leitman Bailey, Leonard H. Ritz and Dov Treimen
880 *Business premises, guaranty, assignment, acceptance of assignment, 4 pps.

* Denotes a legal size form (8 1/2" X 14")

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